By tapping into the primal instincts of pets, we aim to redefine their innate disposition towards physical activity, imparting a novel approach to bestow upon them a healthier lifestyle.

Buy Treadmills Online
Buy Treadmills Online
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Revolutionize Canine Exercise

The slatmill, a non-motorized treadmill for dogs, offers a novel approach to canine fitness. Comprising a series of slats attached to a spinning belt, this equipment provides a secure surface for dogs to walk or run while harnessed in place.

Treadmill For Dogs

Suitable For Medium & Large Dogs, Labrador Retriever, Dalmatian, Alaskan Malamute, Border Collie, Boxer, English Springer Spaniel, Weimaraner,German Shepherd, Samoyed, Golden Retriever And So On

Buy Treadmills Online
Buy Treadmills Online

Created with you in mind

Designed for safety and simplicity, it features non-electric propulsion and height adjustment to suit pets of all sizes. Monitor your progress with the built-in pedometer to maximize your fitness benefits. More than just an exercise aid, it's a holistic approach to health that promotes cardiovascular health and weight management while enhancing a sense of well-being. Work with us to nurture your pet’s vitality and embrace a healthy lifestyle together. Dog bite suits are protective gear worn by trainers to safeguard against bites during training sessions, typically made of durable materials like Kevlar.

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Buy Treadmills Online
Buy Treadmills Online
Buy Treadmills Online
Buy Treadmills Online

We have a great selection of products that will make your pets body flourish and help them reach full potential.



"Buying a treadmill for our energetic German Shepherd was the best decision ever! Easy assembly and sturdy design. Our pup loves it and it's perfect for rainy days. Highly recommend!"


As a professional dog trainer, safety is paramount. This bite suit offers excellent protection without hindering movement. It's durable, comfortable, and has saved me from numerous bites. Couldn't train without it!"